Master The 7 Types of Stories Every 
Filmmaker Needs To Know
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A Deep Dive Into All 7 Types Of Stories
Learn about each type of story, where each is best used, and a step-by-step outline of how to create your own. 
What Makes For A Compelling Story
There are 2 critical elements that make for a remarkable story. Learn how to find and develop them in every video you make.
How To Implement These 7 Stories Into Your Business
We'll show you how to onboard your clients, find what story is right for them, and how to properly pitch them the video concept.
Learn The 7 Types Of Stories Every Filmmaker Needs To Know
Valuable for making videos about businesses, brands, people, nonprofits, and more.
The Origin Story
The story of how a brand came to life.
An Impact Story
How a brand significantly impacted somebody  (aka a case study)
A Values Story
The story of why a brand embraces a certain value. 
A Why Story
A story that expresses why a brand exists, or why a person created the brand.
Teaching Story
A story that helps to teach a key concept or idea.
Vision Story
The story that expresses the vision for a brand far into the future.
An Objections Story
A story that takes a common objection and brings the audience to an alternate perspective.
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