The Muse Memorial Day Special
Get The Proven Process That's Transformed The Storytelling Of Thousands of Filmmakers Globally
Why a Muse Memorial Day Special?
In the coming months we'll have an entirely new Muse 3.0 that will be launched. But before we do, we wanted to give you an amazing opportunity to get the original Muse at 50% off. Seems rather fitting for Memorial day. You'll get lifetime access to all the Mue materials that have made a massive difference for over 3,000 filmmakers in over 50 countries. And hey, once you fall in love with the process and want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, you'll get an exclusive discount, ensuring you don't pay a penny more than the launch price for the new Muse.

Try Muse at an exceptional price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Plus get an awesome upgrade opportunity with the new Muse launches.
Learn from Emmy-Award-Winning Filmmakers Who tRAIN The World's Best Brands
It's time to say 'No More'.
no more crippling uncertainty
Learn exactly where to start in developing your story, what you’re looking for, and how to know what will be effective.
no more mediocre results
You didn’t get into this with a desire to be average. Know exactly what it takes to ensure your films are felt. 
No more being treated like a tripod
No filmmaker wants to be told where to stand, what to shoot, and how to put it all together. Learn how to drive the creative process and add more value to your perspective.
Hear What Leading Authors, Experts, and Filmmakers Have To Say About Muse
DP of Saturday Night Live
"I am blown away...It’s a stunning and perfectly articulated synthesis of so many storytelling philosophies and lessons."

Alex Buono
"I've been learning alone my entire life. Not just my career, but literally, my life. Muse is the mentoring I've wanted in something I love doing and want to improve." 

Danny Hotea
"A $10k budget for an intro video turned into a broader campaign vision, resulting in a $70k contract. Our first large-scale project!

I sold story. Sold Muse. Sold the process…and they loved it!

Alex Widmer
Get the Muse Memorial Day special and save 50%
Turn the whirlwind of filmmaking into a repeatable process. deliver Your best story every time.
learn where to look and what to ask in order to find the single biggest thing that ensures your film is felt 
Whether you're shooting a doc, commercial, or a wedding–knowing where to look, what to ask, and how to develop this single ingredient is the secret to ending up with a moving film.
Master how to structure your film for maximum engagement
There is probably nothing worse than crafting a film that nobody wants to watch. The secret to holding your audience tightly until the very last frame is your story structure. But not all plot points in your story are the same. We'll show you the 6 essential plot points and how to arrange them for maximum impact.
The majority of creative conflict happens because of a misalignment on the goal or objective of a film. Learn how to ask the right questions, along with a method for turning the purpose of a film into a series of 5 Keywords that empowers you to create with far greater intent. This technique alone empowers you to drive the creative process and leads to FAR less friction with your clients and team.
 Jamie Honce increased his project size by over 300%. Alex Widmer went from a $7,000 project to a nearly $70,000 budget with Muse. 
 How A Powerful Process Can Massively Up Your Filmmaking Profits
The Muse Process empowers you to confidently communicate with your clients exactly how you'll approach their project.
You'll have the clarity to develop a powerful creative vision.
A clear and detailed process brings confidence and authority to your work, allowing you to get higher budgets.
The Muse Process includes three clear milestones so that you can take your clients on the journey as you develop their film
Gone are the days of finding the story in post. Muse empowers you to shoot less, yet do so with more intent. That means better work in less time.
Understand your client's goals and articulate them as a series of Story Keywords— a powerful way to gain trust and creative control from the onset of a project.
Get the Muse Memorial Day special and save 50%
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